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Top 7 handheld food options from Broaster Express

Top 7 Reasons Broaster Express Belongs on Your Menu

Whether you’re a convenience store, grocery deli, heck – even a youth sports venue, it’s time to stop what you’re doing and take another look at your food menu. Do you have a great variety of handheld food offerings listed? Well, you probably should.

Not only will you become more relevant to you hungry customers, who are looking for portable menu items, but you’ll actually fuel sales growth in a number of ways.

Speaking of numbers, here are the top 7 reasons why you should begin incorporating handheld menu items right now.

1) There’s Power in Portable Food

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Especially during our current state of global pandemic, customers are becoming more mobile than ever when it comes to their food choices.

This means providing grab ‘n go food options that are as frictionless as possible across all day parts has never been more crucial to profitability.

That’s a powerful concept just waiting for you to harness it.

2) Easy to Eat On-the-Go!

In the age of off-premise, on-the-go eating…more people than ever are eating while driving or simply munching in the car to get out of the house for a bit.

And, because no one wants food on their shirt or in their lap…one-handed meals are highly preferred.

As you evaluate your food menu, consider this: “Could I easily eat this in my car?”

3) Save on Packaging Costs

Another great benefit of adding compact, portable, and easy-to-manage food items to your menu is they generally require less packaging.

This saves you money with not having to purchase as many materials (of course), but it also saves your staff the time it takes to stock extra containers as well as frees up space in your stocking area.

4) More Versatile Menu Offerings

Broaster BeefnBean

Whether your customers crave light snacks, full meals, or something in between, introducing food to eat on-the-go is a great way to offer tremendous menu versatility to satisfy their hunger pangs.

And this remains true throughout all day-parts. The shift in preference toward portable food items is also signaling an erosion of what we’d call “traditional” meal times, meaning your customers prefer to eat when they’re hungry vs. waiting for the next meal.

At Broaster Express, our deliciously diverse menu items like breakfast burritos, jumbo corn dogs, and scrumptious sides can be mixed and matched to your customer’s unique tastes.

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5) Less Labor, Same Great Flavor

If you’re still left wondering “what’s in it for me?” as a food service manager, you may find it interesting that handheld food options are generally easier to execute.

As mentioned above, portable food items are fairly compact and require less packaging which saves time/money.

But the real savings story here is that from freezer to fryer to warmer to the customers’ hand…items that are portable are far more likely to be simple and require less overall labor than their less portable counterparts.

That’s some food for thought.

6) Boost Your Beverage Sales

One of our favorite reasons why handheld food items belong on your menu is that with great food, comes great thirst. That’s right – we’re talking boosts in beverage sales people, and again…this is true across all flavor profiles and day-parts.

Whether it’s coffee in the morning or a nice cold bottle of soda, iced tea, or flavored water, beverages are HUGE profit builders for food service providers across the board due to the significant sales margins.

So, when we get talking about how we can help our operators sell more beverages, that gets us fired up and we know you’re as excited as we are.


7) Keep Your Menu Kid-Friendly

For those of us who are parents, we know that a hungry kid in a moving vehicle is just as tough on us as it is on them (although a case could be made it’s at least a little tougher on us. Just sayin’!)

But rather than grab a bag of chips or cookies, most parents would prefer to buy and serve real food for their kids.

And, that’s where Broaster Express comes in. We offer a quality range of kid-friendly, handheld food options that fit well into busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

Since Broaster’s roots are in the restaurant chain, we alone provide the finest quality chicken prepared by the same company that created Genuine Broaster Chicken over 65 years ago.

Bring It Home with Broaster Express

In summary, it’s never been a better time to consider your menu’s handheld food offerings and how you can potentially incorporate even more.

With hungry customers eating (and purchasing accompanying beverages) on-the-go, throughout the day, while desiring various portion sizes, investing in your business with a valuable partner like Broaster Express is wise.

With branded, trademarked food programs like ours, it’s easy to consider the reasons we’ve listed above and help make them a reality to start working in your favor to control costs and fuel profitability.

And the best part? We offer our turnkey food programs without the licensing or franchise fees, so the profits are all yours.

So – are you ready to bring it home? Your customers certainly are.

To get additional resources or to request more information about becoming a Broaster Express operator, feel free to contact us online today!

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Tim Hutchins, Owner Handy Food Mart; Bardstown, KY

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