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A Broaster Express program will bring traffic, sales, and overall profitability to your foodservice operation. Success is demonstrated daily across convenience stores, and other retail channels. It all starts with an easy to execute menu featuring a wide variety of the best tasting products, especially chicken.

Broadly speaking, the typical convenience foodservice operation will be 40-50% food cost. This will vary due to geographic differences, food distribution partner, and overall gross sales and transactions. Higher volume units will run lower in food cost percentages. Remember, this is a trademark program, there are no franchise development fees, royalties, or forced advertising contributions. Illustrative examples are:

Total Sales for Your Establishment

Per $100,000 annual increments ($1920/week) – Gross profit $50,000 to $59,000 per year

One can assume for many establishments, Food, Packaging and Labor are 60-70% of sales,

Per $100,000 annual income ($1920/week) – net income ranges $30,000 to $39,000 per year.

Choose Broaster Express, your partner to an easy to operate, highly profitable operation!

Menu Profit potential Estimates

Product Food Cost/serving Gross Profit/serving
Breaded Chicken Tenders Selling Price – $3.99/ 3 Tenders $1.60-$1.74 $2.25-$2.39
Spicy Breaded Chicken Wings Selling Price – $2.99/3 Wings $1.06-$1.16 $1.83-$1.93
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Selling Price – $2.49/4oz serving $0.84-$0.92 $1.57-$1.65
Boneless Buffalo Wings Selling Price – $3.29/4 Wings $1.40-$1.52 $1.77-$1.89
Seasoned Potato Wedges Selling Price – $1.49/3 wedges $0.30-$0.36 $1.13-$1.19
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks Selling Price – $1.99/3 sticks $0.78-$0.82 $1.16-$1.21
Battered Wisconsin Cheese Curds Selling Price – $2.99/5oz serving $1.33-$1.41 $1.58-$1.66

Note: Cost will vary based on geography and availability. Dipping sauces can also be added at approximately $0.22 to $0.25 per 1.25oz cup.

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“I’ve been in the foodservice business for 15 years and started many new programs, but never have I seen any of them take off the very first day. We had a $150 increase in the first day of deli sales and an increase of $1,400 in the first week in deli alone, as well as an increase within the rest of the store.”

Cindy Bullock, Deli Manager; Sav-A-Step Memphis, IN

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