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10 Reasons Why to Choose Broaster Express

  1. Freezer to Fryer Menu

All you have to do is pull our chicken, appetizers, and other  fan favorites out of the freezer, and they’re ready to cook in your Broaster Equipment. You control costs by preparing only the portions customers want.

2. Defined Flexibility for Menu Options

You know what your customers want better than anyone else, so don’t get stuck with menu items you don’t know. Broaster Express lets you choose the menu that fits your operation best. You pick what you want to serve based on what your customers want to eat. .

3. Can Be as Simple as Chicken Tenders, Wings & Wedges!

Are you good with just chicken? So are we! We’ll help you set up hot foodservice with as much or as little menu variety as you want. You get to decide!

4. Broaster Ventless Fryers Can Be Used to Cook

Don’t have a hood system or room under your hood? Our ventless fryer don’t need one in most municipalities. How much easier can it be? We give you our patented equipment with our Touch Screen controllers, you plug it in,  add our freezer to fryer foods, and … voila! Delicious food, easy and quick!

5. Delicious Grab-n-Go Menu Line-up

Your customers lead busy lives, and they need food that fits into their schedule. Enter Broaster Express foods, which they can grab on their way from school to soccer practice to dance rehearsal—all without missing a step.

6. Turnkey “Restaurant in a Box” Program

We give you a selection of menus to choose from, the digital menu template, the high-quality equipment and the delicious foods. How could setting up your own mini-restaurant be any simpler?

7. Expert Local Distributor Training & Support

We don’t just give you the food and wish you luck. Local Authorized Broaster Express Distributors take the time to make sure you know how to use your new equipment and serve the very best food possible.

8. Website & Mobile App Operator Locator

When a customer has a taste for hot and delicious Broaster Express items, all they have to do is pull up our app or website, and they’ll know they can satisfy their craving at your location!

9. No Franchise Fees, Development Fees or Royalties

You work hard to earn your money, so you should get to keep it. We don’t charge you any   Extra fees, royalties or costs beyond the cost of the equipment and the foods you serve.

10. Backed by Broaster, a Trusted Chicken and Equipment Brand Since 1954

Broaster has been around the block. We’re a well-loved brand that has stood the test of time, which means you won’t have any problem getting your customers to walk away with a box of delicious and satisfying products.

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“In just two months of business, our deli area is already bringing in over $2,600 weekly in additional sales. I believe much of this success is due to the instant credibility this branded concept brings to our Operation.”

Paula Bader, Bader’s Food Mart; Louisville, KY

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