Our Story

“Broasting®” is a unique cooking method developed back in 1954 when Broaster’s inventor and founder L.A.M. Phelan combined the principles of a deep fryer and a pressure cooker into one commercial kitchen cooking appliance. The results – in flavor, quality and cooking speed – were revolutionary. A process so special & unique Phelan coined a new term and called it “Broasting”.

With his invention, Phelan trademarked the words “broasting”, “broaster” and “broasted food”. Phelan manufactured the first Broaster Pressure Fryers under Flavor Fast Foods, Inc. and in 1956 formed the Broaster Company.

Success of Broasted Chicken was grounded in the Wisconsin Supper Clubs and Midwestern Restaurants as a signature menu item.

Broaster Company went on to expand the Broaster Foods coatings and marinades line to include ingredients used to pressure fry fish, vegetables, beef and pork products.

In the 1990s, Broaster Company saw the need for high quality freezer to fryer foods and developed a full line up of frozen foods that were released under the Broaster Recipe label. 

The Broaster Express Trademark Food Program was created by bundling these frozen items along with foodservice equipment manufactured by Broaster Company. Broaster Express as a way for Operators to serve a restaurant quality menu in a convenient and easy way.

Since then, Broaster Company has released an additional branded trademark food program – Rock County Smokehouse. Another drop-in concept that fit into the convenience store or a grocery store/deli.

Broaster brands and products can be found across all foodservice segments; local restaurants as a menu item, standalone concepts in convenience stores and grocery stores, equipment within food trucks, hospitals, veterans service centers, colleges & universities, food courts and major restaurant chains.

In 2019, Broaster Company celebrated 65 years of success in the foodservice.