“Broaster Express has made my deli what it is today; without it, I don’t believe that my sales would be half as much as they are.”...
—Andy Patel, Andy’s Corner, Tunnel Hill, Georgia
“I am very satisfied with Broaster’s program, which lives up to its promises. With no additional advertising, our deli sales immediately increased. Our top sellers are Popcorn Chicken and Tenders. My staff likes using the equipment, too!”
—Dave Croft, Alton Truck Stop; Alton, IL
“We have seen growth each month since beginning the Broaster Express program.”
—Dave Hefty, Lions Quick Mart; Janesville, WI
“I’ve been in the foodservice business for 15 years and started many new programs, but never have I seen any of them take off the very first day. We had a $150 increase in the first day of deli sales and an increase of $1,400 in the first week in deli alone, as well as an increase within the rest of the store.”
—Cindy Bullock, Deli Manager; Sav-A-Step Memphis, IN
“After utilizing Broaster marketing pieces, we set a one-day record and made over $1,800! Hot food sales are up 38% which also helps to increase foot traffic and sales of other items.”
—Tim Hutchins, Owner Handy Food Mart; Bardstown, KY
“In just two months of business, our deli area is already bringing in over $2,600 weekly in additional sales. I believe much of this success is due to the instant credibility this branded concept brings to our Operation.”
—Paula Bader, Bader’s Food Mart; Louisville, KY
“Broaster Company products now represent more than 1/3 of my business and overall business has increased over 30%. Customers are driving over 30 miles to enjoy my Genuine Broaster Chicken and I am receiving party orders of 50 to 100 pieces… this is a super simple program that is making me money!”
—Ginger, Owner Sportsman Tavern; Onaga, KS
“The VF-3 unit has not needed service in 5 years. The unit is remarkable. It is a well-made, easy to use machine that generates a ton of sales and has made us a destination for a lot of hungry customers.”
—Dave Hefty, Lions Quick Mart; Janesville, WI
“Broaster Express has made my location a destination for my customers.”
—Andy Patel, Andy’s Corner; Tunnel Hill, Georgia