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How to Boost Your Youth Sports Concession Stand with Broaster Express

So, you’ve decided to start and run a youth sports concession stand. That’s a bold move – and we respect that.

At Broaster Express, we tend to find ourselves in a lot of alternative environments from youth camps to college sports venues…even bus stations. And the reason we’re such a popular choice for these venues is because our quick-service food programs are very amenable to sites like these.

And, our willingness to be flexible and ensure your needs are met makes all the difference.

Ready to Give Your Youth Sports Concessions a Boost?

Trademark food program

While there are many do’s & don’ts to consider when getting your concession stand up and running, the overall success of a concession stand can be summed up in 3 major focus areas:

  1. How to become profitable
  2. What foods to offer on your menu
  3. How to balance volunteer labor

Now, we know each of these areas can be challenging in their own right, so we’re going to break them down for you and do our best to simplify the process along the way.

With over 65 years of experience in the food service industry, Broaster has helped businesses find their footing by helping people cross the road for our Broasted Chicken, and we believe many of these same principles can apply to your youth sports concessions stand as well.

1) Simplifying Concessions Profitability

It’s no secret that it takes money to manage a concessions stand. Between cooking/storage equipment, food ingredients, and supplies…the costs can add up quickly…

The way you combat those costs is by driving consistent volume, so you can make more money in the stand. And the way you drive volume is by offering really good food that people are willing to pay for time and time again.

Which brings us to our next point…

2) Driving Demand for Your Concession Stand Menu

It’s easy to feel limited in the types of foods you can offer. With food prep areas usually being pretty minimal, most concession stands tend to land on all the usual suspects: hot dogs, popcorn, chips, etc.

There’s some value in those foods, but nothing pops off the menu like a signature item does at your favorite restaurant.

By becoming a Broaster Express operator, however, you get a true “restaurant-in-a-box” concept – meaning you’ll gain access to a variety of simple, portable menu items along with all the cooking appliances needed to serve consistent, quality, great-tasting snack foods at your concession stand.

And, if you need help setting your concession stand prices…we have the expertise to recommend price points that can help maximize your profits while driving repeat business.

3) Maximizing Volunteer Labor

Even when you have a great menu and process in place, recruiting and managing volunteers to run your youth sports concession stand can be a bear. Booster club members or parents of student/athletes usually end up shouldering the load.

By maximizing the efficiency and simplicity of your concession stand, it can run with relative ease…without needing tons and tons of volunteers at every event.

That’s why, at Broaster Express, we generally recommend our series of ventless fryers. They don’t take up much space, they can cook a diverse range of products, and – most importantly – they aren’t much work to operate at high volumes, so that means less volunteer coordination.

Go ahead and fist pump…we’ll wait.

Broaster Express – An Ideal Solution for Concession Stands

In our quest to deliver portable cooking platforms without sacrificing quality, great-tasting chicken…we’ve found becoming a Broaster Express operator to be appealing for a variety of food service providers. Concession stands are just one of many.

But, for those who maybe aren’t familiar with our trademarked food programs, let’s look at several ways Broaster may be able to support your needs:

Example) – Hypothetical High School Football Stadium

  • Option #1: Partner Kitchen – any good restaurant is involved in local activities in some capacity, so if there’s a Broaster operator already located within close proximity to your venue site (check our store locator to find out), this could be all you need. Try requesting a partnership with the nearby restaurant to pre-order/package menu items for specific hold times and then have the food transported to your concession stands to keep warm and fresh.

  • Option #2: Trademarked Food Program – you could also become a trademarked Broaster Express operator and serve a variety of mouthwatering menu items to give your concessions a real boost. We’re talking popcorn chicken, chicken tenders, boneless wings, cheese curds, potato wedges, mozzarella sticks, and more! Utilize our countertop ventless fryers, which offer great cooking versatility and hardly take up any space.

  • Option #3: Broaster Frozen Foods – for the more established concessions stands, you may simply want to add menu items to your menu offerings. If that’s the case, you can also purchase Broaster Frozen Food items and then cook them in your current cooking appliances as an alternative option.

Could Broaster Express be Your Concession Stand Food Solution?

If you want to boost the quality and profitability of your concession stand, while reducing the number of volunteers needed to execute on service…let’s talk!

Our trademarked food programs offer plenty of advantages, including on-site service and equipment training to get your key volunteers up to speed and ready to roll.

And remember – when you need people to cross the road (or at least stop by at half-time) Broaster Express is here to help! Request a quote today.

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“Broaster Company products now represent more than 1/3 of my business and overall business has increased over 30%. Customers are driving over 30 miles to enjoy my Genuine Broaster Chicken and I am receiving party orders of 50 to 100 pieces… this is a super simple program that is making me money!”

Ginger, Owner Sportsman Tavern; Onaga, KS

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