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Broaster Express® Rebranding Pays Off…Literally!

Pay-at-the-pump c-stores present a challenge for their managers – enticing the customers to enter the store to make additional purchases once they have filled their tanks. While outdoor marketing materials may tempt a consumer to enter the store, quality Broaster Express® Food Products can keep them coming back. This particular method has proven successful for Dave Hefty, Store Manager of Lions Quick Mart, located in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Residing on a busy intersection just northwest of the city limits of Janesville, WI (pop. 65,000), Lions Quick Mart sees many commuters as well as students from a nearby technical college, which is within walking distance to the store. Dave credits Broaster Express branding as the reason for the increase in customers:

“Our typical C-store traffic is a combination of laborers that pass through the area along with the technical college students,” says Dave. “We do see an influx in sales when we advertise things like ‛hot fresh cheese curds sold here’ on our message boards. This brings in the customer who was just going to pump gas, pay outside, and be on their way”.

In December 2015, Lions Quick Mart underwent a significant rebranding, which included marketing materials, both inside and out. 

The rebranding included window clings, decals and pump toppers outside the store and an updated menu board, signage and product tags inside, all of which has attributed to the increased success of Lions Quick Mart.                                

Dave states, “We have seen growth each month since beginning this program, compared to last year.”

Dave elaborates on the success of the rebranding even further: “We rebranded late in December of 2015. From January 2016 to July 2016 we saw an over 12% increase in Broaster Express sales. From August to November, after installing a new heated display with graphics supplied by Broaster® Company, we have enjoyed an overall increase in sales of 26%. In my opinion, the rebranding was very helpful to pull people in from the pumps and street and we saw an increase because of it.”

In terms of the Broaster Express® menu items served at Lions Quick Mart, there are several that are popular with Dave’s customers: “Our top sellers in order are Cheddar Nuggets, which are a huge hit,” says Dave. “Next are the Chicken Tenders, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks and Popcorn Chicken.”

“We sell pre-portioned cups at a $2.99 each or 2 for $5 price point. The customer is able to mix and match the items and we rarely see someone leave with only one cup. This allows us to control the portions and let the customer make their own meal. Some customers want all Cheddar Nuggets, while others prefer Chicken Tenders and Potato Wedges – each are charged $5 for their choice.”

The equipment used to cook the Broaster Express items served at Lions Quick Mart is a single VF-3 Ventless Fryer, which is five years old.

“The VF-3 unit”, says Dave, “has not needed service in five years. The unit is remarkable. It is a well-made, easy to use machine that generates a ton of sales and has made us a destination for a lot of hungry customers.”

Dave is also pleased with Broaster Express packaging. “It looks much better than generic packaging and adds to the appeal of the product.”

Lions Quick Mart is a prime example of Broaster Company’s ability to assist in increasing traffic and profits through its durable equipment, tasty foods as well as its great looking point of purchase materials. To learn more about the complete line of point of purchase materials, call 800-365-8278, or visit